• 10 ways to Promote mobile app on Google play store

    10 Ways to Promote your Mobile App on Google Play Store/App Store

    So you’re done with your app creation, right? What have you planned next? Have you researched for the social media channels to showcase your app? Well, to make your app catch someone’s eye, you must have a powerful marketing plan with the top mobile app promotional ways.

    Before you start dreaming of making millions from your mobile app, you need to put a thought into app promotions. Introducing your newly build app to the world, when there are thousands in the market already, not only seems to be tough but is more of a challenge.

    Take a Look at 10 Ways to Promote your Mobile Apps Google Play Store/App Store.


    1. Design Impressive App Icon




    Due to lots of apps in the iOS Store & Google Play, users get confused & they go for the applications that look better & capture the interests. Your application icon represents the operational functionality, therefore, when creating an application icon take into account the points like Shape, Color, Graphics, Text & Uniqueness.

    2. Capture Unique Screenshots


    ts notify-min


    In addition to the Content of your application, Screenshots uplift the standard & reputation of the app. applications with highly optimized, unique, clear & precise screenshots bring more potential users. Captions should always be relevant to the screenshots to make users know what your application is all about.

    3. Craft Informative Landing Page


    toga app landing page


    The first impression is the last impression & to give users an everlasting impression of your app, build a high-quality landing page for your mobile application. A simple, clear, eye-catchy & informative landing page is the key to your application success. Try to put all the necessary elements to make user’s experience more satisfactory.

    4. Showcase Well-Built App Via a Demo Video


    video marketing


    Crafting video can be the most powerful & engaging source for promotion. Video of your application should be based on What, Why & How of the concept. Create a video that shows a perfect blend of creativity & technology behind the idea. Keep your blog section updated to bring in focus the latest updates about your application.

    5. Create a Genuine Impression Via Website




    Targeting more customers becomes easier when you successfully build a trusted platform for your audience to know you better. A fully optimized & mobile friendly website plays a vital role in defining your business, vision, ideas, products & services. In your website, just add a small logo to redirect your target audience for more downloads & boost your revenues.


    6. Leverage Blog Post



    For worth downloading, scheduling blog posts with detailed information & features about the app can take you to the next level. This builds users’ interest & help them to have a good knowledge of the application. A call to action at the bottom will engage the audience & give them a reason to check out the software for a better experience.


    7. Use Social Media

    social media

    Out of many app promotional strategies, Social Media is the one with 100% chances of getting online visibility. When deciding on social, then it’s a two-way process I.e. Paid or organic. Here in Organic, you can connect to your targeted audience simply through Facebook or Twitter Account. Try to make your account more impressive with meaningful posts & images. On the other hand, Paid option like Pay Per Click Campaign boosts your app promotion by allowing you to advertise your application on Facebook, Twitter or Google.


    8. Improve Application Ranking With ASO


    app store optimization


    Have you heard about App Store Optimization? To make your app stand apart, ASO is a must. It makes the process more simplified & helps you position your app in the highly competitive market. For a successful ASO, your application must have a unique name with relevant keywords, screenshots, videos, ratings & updated description. It is the fundamental step that one must take into account when planning to promote their application on global & local grounds.


    9. Go to Alternative Stores




    It’s not just the Google Play or the iOS Store, where you can boost downloads. There are many other application stores like Amazon Appstore, GetJar, SlideMe, Opera Mobile Store, & more. With the help of these stores, one can double the conversion rate & increase the software users at a faster rate as compared to Google Play.


    10. Search Ads/Adwords


    It’s an amazing latest advertisement feature introduced by Apple in iOS 10. With Search Ads, one can bid for relevant keywords to make your application appear at the top of the search engine results.

    Bringing to an end, this article is shared with all the necessary points that can take promotion up a notch if done right. Apart from getting featured on Mobile app site reviews, take advantage of your network & connect with professionals for better results.

    Share with us your tactics & ideas for marketing your application & learn more information on ways for promotional through our blog post.

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