• Why Develop Mobile Games?

    Why Develop Mobile Games?

    Over the years video games have been played on various different devices based on the time period. Starting from the late 70’s it was large Arcade machines, in the 80’s it was Atari’s Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), in the 90’s it was Xbox and PlayStation. Gradually people shifted towards handheld devices like PSP and Gameboy advanced. Currently, in the 21st century Smartphones are dominating the gaming world. Especially iTunes App store and Google Play store are crowded with loads and loads of games launching every day.

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    As mobile games are mostly for the casual audience, it drastically increased the number of gamers worldwide. Everyone knows about the hit games on the stores and continuously plays it every day. Also, people even search for new games constantly, which provides a good scope for all the mobile game developers.

    Developing mobile games cost relatively less as compared to console games and even a single person can make his/her own game. For example, a famous Flappy bird was just made by one single person, but the game made unimaginable revenue compared to all other games in the market. Some developers even make games based on the trending events piggybacking the hype that is already there. E.g. games like Trump’s Empire got hit due to the US elections.

    When it comes to mobile games, there are two main revenue streams – Premium games with a fixed price or Free to play games with IAPs and ads. In Free to play games, revenue is not stable because it mainly depends on Daily Active users (DAU) and people willing to go for In-app purchases. But there are even other specific business strategies that are followed by big game studios. One of which is identifying a whole, the person who is always willing to go for in-app purchases if he is presented with a good offer. So, some studios specifically push constant unique offers only to those whale users and keep making money.

    Some developers focus only on ads and make good revenue out of it. When it comes to ads, the best choice would be to use video ads, as it has more revenue rate than any other ad forms. As there are multiple revenue streams in F2P model, the earnings are practically never ending if the game constantly offers updates with new content and features to keep the players engaged.

    To summarize, we can help in developing the top quality game with best monetization techniques for generating good revenues. Call us on (+61) 390-135-390 to discuss your unique game idea.

    Our Services:

    At ChicMic, we offer Mobile Game Development, iOS and Android app development. We provide services to all types of clients varying from individuals to small & medium businesses to enterprises. We provide all the services which will help your business to grow and develop.

    We Offer The Following Mobile Game Development Services:

    • iOS Game Development
    • Android Game Development
    • Unity Game Development (iPhone, Android, WEBGL, Windows, Mac, AR & VR)
    • Cocos 2D/2Dx Game Development (iPhone & Android)

    Why Choose ChicMic For Mobile Game Development?

    • Unbeaten combo of quality & price
    • 300+ Games developed
    • 200+ clients served including industry leaders
    • 10+ million game and app installs
    • 10+ chart-topping apps
    • Well known for commitment, honesty & teamwork
    • On time delivery of services
    • Always available 24/7 to our clients
    • 100% client satisfaction guaranteed
    • Full transparency to our clients
    • Reliable & convenient to work with
    • We also establish a better line of communication with clients
    • We provide unique ideas to boost our clients’ sales


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