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    Best Dating App That Connects Users to the Real Dates

    A rise in the dating app is bringing lot many twists & making people think at the next big level. Well, if talking about the dating trends, then there comes far better techniques & the fastest communication channels than earlier. These tool don’t just let the two people know each other besides that one can set a date in real time to turn their date in the lifetime relationship.

    With no end to Tinder like apps, the dating market is over flooded. The development agencies are competing at their best to offer users the features that are far beyond their expectations. 

    According to the highlights by Statista- the Statistics Portal, it’s estimated that revenue in the “Dating services” segment amounts to US$5,094m in 2018. 

    Among the most dating apps, Toga has also been listed with amazing dating app features. Building apps that lead to highest funding are the only motto of businesses in app development today. And when it comes to dating, then it takes a lot of efforts, skills, development tools, framework, time & budget to develop speed dating application for your business.

    What’s so exciting about Toga?


    Toga Dating App


    Yes! Toga is new in a race of dating applications, but with the unique features. It’s successfully making its way to the hearts of millions in the US.  Like other dating apps, Toga is also a dating app, but with a lot many features like Location Based GEO locations match, Facebook registration, Swipe to create connections, Online/Offline option, Push Notifications, Discovery parameters, 24 hours chat window & more.

    With the monetization potential, dating apps come with lot more chances to make huge money through Subscriptions, Ads & Freemium. In present digital scenario, people are more into dating & look for the best source that offers real-time dating with no fake accounts.

    Have you got an idea for your dating app? Before you start with, just take a look at the things to be pondered when planning to develop apps like Tinder for dating:

    • To whom you want to Target?

    It’s for every application, we need to decide on our target segment first to further create an app.  The defining target market will help you develop dating app keeping in mind the interests and needs of people of that group.

    • Location Based Match Finding 

    Real connections, real dating becomes more real when user get a chance to meet the person at a real-location.  Finding a partner online & chatting will not be enough if you want to turn the date into the relationship. Therefore, set geolocations settings to help users find a match they’ve crossed path with. And enable them to plan a customizable venue nearby.

    • Privacy & Security

    Safe user experience must be on the top of the priority list. Your dating app must be created a way that makes people excited about the best part of the app rather than feel insecure while connecting with their dates.  The information of the user like image, address, name & number must be safe for a lifetime experience.

    • Premium Accounts & In-app Ads

    To build the money making Tinder like dating app,  you must add more alluring premium features to the dating app to get profit. In-app ads are the best way to improve overall engagement. Using in-app advertising, you can increase the chances of higher conversion.

    • Promotions

    When it comes to growing via dating apps, then promotional advertisements relevant to apps are the super fast way to make money. Deals like Restaurants Nearby, Special stores, Gift shops, Couple services and more plays a vital role in captivating the interest of the users.

    • UI Design

     Your app features & functionality will only work if you will successfully make the user download the app. This can be done with an effective UI design.  Yes! The visual part of the app gives users the best experience & builds interest.  Invest more in the dating app design for striking appeal & high-performance.

    • Dating App Development Cost & Time

    Defining Time & Cost in terms of numbers is quite impossible when you plan to create high-level dating application. A dating app like Toga takes approximately:

    Development: 360 hours

    Design: 50 Hours

    Backend: 140 hours

    Testing: 80 hours.

    For approximately 360 hours, it is estimated that the cost involved might be around 10k USD.

    • Real-Time Notifications

    Notifications often make users open the app & see what’s new.  In dating apps, there should be an option of real-time notifications to notify the users about the matches similar to their taste & preferences nearby.

    A dating app with few users & the one with million users makes a big difference & it’s always the UI, striking designs, functionality & high performance that gives users a number of reasons to go for your app. 

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