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  • 10 ways to Promote mobile app on Google play store

    10 Ways to Promote your Mobile App on Google Play Store/App Store

    So you’re done with your app creation, right? What have you planned next? Have you researched for the social media channels to showcase your app? Well, to make your app catch someone’s eye, you must have a powerful marketing plan with the top mobile app promotional ways. Before you start dreaming of making millions from your mobile app, you need to put a thought into app promotions. Introducing your newly... View Article

  • Dating App

    Best Dating App That Connects Users to the Real Dates

    A rise in the dating app is bringing lot many twists & making people think at the next big level. Well, if talking about the dating trends, then there comes far better techniques & the fastest communication channels than earlier. These tool don’t just let the two people know each other besides that one can set a date in real time to turn their date in the lifetime relationship. With... View Article

  • hire app developer | ChicMic

    Top 7 Reasons to Hire App Developer in Australia

    Mobile has kept us so busy, that every single minute of our everyday life goes on scrolling on the web. The tons of mind boggling applications are grabbing the attention of the users & tremendously changing their lifestyle. From a small communication means to highly demanding tool, today smartphones are bringing a lot more for the individuals & businesses. Be it a shopping, travelling or anything, there are numerous apps... View Article

  • ludo game by mobile app game developer

    Best 5 Games in Android you Must Try Before Everyone Else

    From a basic arcade game to a full fledge MMO, the mobile market is crowded with android games from various different genres.  A lot of mobile app game developer were risen in the last five years and they have been flooding the mobile game market since then with many innovative and interesting games which has been catching the attentions of users across the world.    Still not everyone will be willing to... View Article

  • Why Develop Mobile Games?

    Why Develop Mobile Games? Over the years video games have been played on various different devices based on the time period. Starting from the late 70’s it was large Arcade machines, in the 80’s it was Atari’s Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), in the 90’s it was Xbox and PlayStation. Gradually people shifted towards handheld devices like PSP and Gameboy advanced. Currently, in the 21st century Smartphones are... View Article

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