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  • 10 ways to Promote mobile app on Google play store

    10 Ways to Promote your Mobile App on Google Play Store/App Store

    So you’re done with your app creation, right? What have you planned next? Have you researched for the social media channels to showcase your app? Well, to make your app catch someone’s eye, you must have a powerful marketing plan with the top mobile app promotional ways. Before you start dreaming of making millions from your mobile app, you need to put a thought into app promotions. Introducing your newly... View Article

  • increase app downloads in google play store

    How To Increase App Downloads on Google Play Store in 2018?

    If you are ready with your App Development idea or application for Android, in either of the case there must be a question in your mind: How to maintain your app success on Google Play to stay on the top?   In this article, by diving deep into the ways shared to increase your app downloads, you will get answers to all your doubts. Well, trends come & go, but... View Article

  • Dating App

    Best Dating App That Connects Users to the Real Dates

    A rise in the dating app is bringing lot many twists & making people think at the next big level. Well, if talking about the dating trends, then there comes far better techniques & the fastest communication channels than earlier. These tool don’t just let the two people know each other besides that one can set a date in real time to turn their date in the lifetime relationship. With... View Article


    10 Spectacular Mobile App Development Tools

    For high-level game development experience, check out the best development tools for mobile. Read all about ‘10 Spectacular Mobile Game Development Tools’ &  the latest tech trends in the competitive market to gain an edge in the mobile game app development market. Here, you will find a list of comprehensive tools with a capability to build top quality games.  Try now!    

  • top 7 mobile app development trends

    Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

    Countdown to New Year is over & all are avid to grab the opportunities, 2018 have in stock for us. Undoubtedly, 2017 will definitely be a notable year for its smarter, faster & cutting-edge mobile app development tech trends that businesses have enjoyed. The phenomenal innovations & app development technologies made businesses realize that app development is no longer a dream. The mobile app development has undergone a tremendous change... View Article

  • iPad App Development

    How to Get Started With iPad App Development?

    If you really think that you can create an app overnight, then stop daydreaming.  Even a thought of developing a mobile app requires a lot to know, what in actual the process is. No matter it’s for Android, iPhone or iPad, there’s always a right time & technique on how to get started with the iPad app development process. The best time to kick-start with the iPad App Development is... View Article

  • Android App Development Company

    How to Find the Right Android App Development Company for your Next Project?

    Ready to invest with the android app development company? There are some points you must consider before hiring the right app development company for your future project. Take a look at the infographic below :-

  • hire app developer | ChicMic

    Top 7 Reasons to Hire App Developer in Australia

    Mobile has kept us so busy, that every single minute of our everyday life goes on scrolling on the web. The tons of mind boggling applications are grabbing the attention of the users & tremendously changing their lifestyle. From a small communication means to highly demanding tool, today smartphones are bringing a lot more for the individuals & businesses. Be it a shopping, travelling or anything, there are numerous apps... View Article

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Native or a Hybrid Mobile App for your Business?

    Native or a Hybrid Mobile App Development for your Business? The user experience that a mobile app offers as well as the performance of an app is entirely dependent on the development approach was chosen. A poor user experience or a non-performance app leads to app uninstall which can affect your business more than you can think of. The cost and time to develop an app are other factors that... View Article

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